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Leasing FAQs | Phoenix, AZ

Leasing a Ford is a great way to enjoy the latest comfort features and technology with a new model every few years. However, if you have never done it before, you might have a few questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about leasing.

What is a lease?

When you lease a car, you get to drive it for a specified amount of time with monthly payments.

How much does it cost to lease a car?

The actual amount will depend on which vehicle you choose. However, lease payments tend to be less than the monthly payment would be if you took out a loan on the same vehicle.

How many miles can I drive my leased Ford?

You can find this information in your lease contract. It is also available online if you log into the Account Manager on the Ford website. Select “My Lease Info” to find the mileage information.

What happens if I go over my mileage allowance?

Your lease contract will specify how many miles are allowed. If you exceed that limit, this will be evaluated at the end of your lease and you could incur additional charges.

Can I purchase my leased vehicle?

Your lease agreement should include a lease-end purchase price. If you love your leased vehicle this is a great option to make it a permanent addition to your life.

Can I end my lease early?

Yes, you can end your lease early. You should find more information about this process in the ‘Voluntary Early Termination” section of your lease contract. You can also find this information in your Account Manager online.

What do I do when my lease contract is ending?

You have three options to choose from:
  • Purchase or lease a new Ford
  • Purchase your leased vehicle
  • Return your leased Ford and complete any lease-end obligations
If you have more questions about leasing or want to find the perfect vehicle you should lease, give Sanderson Ford a call!

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