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Why Buy New vs. Used in Phoenix, AZ
Buying a car should be a fun and exciting step in your life. In order to reduce the stress that can often come with the process, you should come into the search with a clear idea of what you would prefer to do between buying a new car or a used car. These following advantages for each route will help shed light on what decision is best for you and your family:



The most obvious and appealing to reason to buying a used car is the often drastic decrease in price that comes with purchasing a used car over a new vehicle. Information regarding the history of the vehicle is readily available so you know you’re not getting a suspect car- just an affordable one.


There’s a much wider variety of used cars available to choose from than new cars. You have all previous years to consider, not just the newest models. If you love Ford SUVs from the 2000s or if you were always partial to the 2012 Ford F-150, buying used is right for you.


Used cars have already experienced the bulk of their depreciation, meaning that if you choose to resell the car you bought used, you won’t take as much of a loss as you would if you resell a new car.


New cars have better safety features and mechanical integrity than you will find in used cars. Technological advancements have made it possible for new cars to come loaded with driver-assist features designed to keep you safely on the road.


New cars require less maintenance than used cars and they are backed up by warranties that will give you peace of mind knowing that your car’s quality is guaranteed.


Simply put, new cars are much higher quality than used cars and provide that undeniable allure that comes with owning something before anyone else.
Still can’t decide whether to buy new or used? Check out our wide selection of vehicles at Sanderson Ford! You may find the perfect one that sways you in one directi

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